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I recently attended a business seminar in sunny Montego Bay Jamaica!  I enjoyed a mid-winter break from cold New Jersey and got to work with like minded people who have their own business. We can all read a book or watch a video, but it is priceless to learn from those who are succeeding in business.  I also discovered that I can leverage my abilities and get the help of others who have skills. In fact, this blog is being made with a business partner who has blogging skills.  I am finally implementing my ideas and working toward freedom from the workplace time clock.

While at the beautiful Rose Hill Hilton All Inclusive Resort. I was able to not only meet with very successful people who actually live the Dot Com lifestyle but was able to have the opportunity to listen to some of the top leaders in the industry.

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Noah St. John, John Chow,  Jill Veverka and several others were there to teach us how to actually achieve these goals in our lives.

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The best part about being there was that I was able to bring my kids with me and spend time seeing some of the beautiful sights of Jamaica. We enjoyed climbing Dunn’s Falls and experiencing the Illuminous Lagoon. We enjoyed going snorkeling and paddle boating along with all the pools and the Caribbean ocean.


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We all read about people who travel and make money with their own business. The trip from wanting to be a business owner and MAKING money is often a foggy trip.  Going to a Live Business seminar is the way to shorten the learning curve.  I am looking forward to my upcoming trip to Costa Rica.   .

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