Retirement-The Lost American Dream



I come from a long line of very hard working, strong, survival minded people….           And I am very proud of this fact …………


My parents grew up in Europe during WWII. This was a very difficult time to be a child but, it is part of what made them strong people.

They grew up each learning a trade. That is what you did back then.

Mamma was a dress and pattern maker who could sew anything. If you described it to her she would draw it, cut it and sew it… Viola

Pappa was a machinist who was a perfectionist with numbers.

They got married and decided to move to America for a better way of life for there own family and the American dream…


They both worked LONG hours in order to achieve this “dream” for their own kids’.Allikmaafamilyshot1976I remember mamma working long into the night often till 2:00am , hand sewing beads and appliques on wedding dresses. Pappa would leave at 6:00am to drive an hour to work each way and not coming home till 7-8 at night. Sometimes even having to work 24-36 hours straight if a job needed to get out on time. But they always found time to enjoy everything about life. They never stopped laughing or dancing or singing no matter how hard things were.OmaPappa youngEven though they both worked long and hard, they didn’t have much as far retirement options. There was no IRA, 401K, share holdings etc offered by the people they worked for. They did have health insurance offered that they had to pay into each week. And little by little they saved enough to actually have a few CD’s and an IRA with anticipation of one day “retiring” and enjoying their “Golden Years”….Allikmaa Family #2 2009Unfortunately, that did not happen…. as what happens to MANY of Americans, the time comes when you should be retiring and discover that you just can’t make ends meet on what you have as income between some type of savings (if, you in fact were able to save) a pension (if you were lucky enough to have one) and what social security pays. So the majority still continue to have to work at something in order to survive.

This was the case of my parents :((    Mamma worked up until one month before she past away and Pappa was “laid off” indefinitely until he past a year and a half later.

So much for the “Golden Years”……

Well, now there’s an opportunity for the rest of us to make a better retirement future for ourselves…  and the only person in charge of that future is you ….

You can and will be able to not only be in charge of what amount of time you wish to work but also, where and when … and be able to generate as little or as much income as you feel you need or want…

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain….








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